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Lawn Care Program

The lawn is widely considered the most important feature in most any landscape.  As a result, lawns receives a lot of attention through out the year.  The health and vigor of turf grasses relates directly to the methods and equipment used for maintaining it.  This lawn care program is general approach to lawn maintenance and the information shown comes from years of experience, industry standards and customer feedback.  Many lawns require different needs and this program can be adjusted to meet the needs of the lawn and the customer.

Fall Clean Up

Fall Clean up is done October, November and December, and consists of removing all the leaves from the beds and lawns.   A big effort is made to complete this work before the first snow of the season.  Its also a good time to clean the gutters and can be included as part of our service.   

  Multiple visits may also be necessary to complete the job as some trees hold on to leaves longer than others.  We can adjust our schedule to meet your needs.

We have all the rakes, blowers and leaf vacuums to handle any leaf removal job.

• Can help to suppress deer ticks
• Give lawns and beds a neat appearance
• Prevents leaves from clogging gutters and storm drains
• Collected leaves are used for Recycling.
• Prevents the grass from being matted down which can cause damage to your lawn

The cost of fall clean up can very depending on work to be done. Our Total Care Package covers the cost for all fall clean up work that is to be done, even multiple visits