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Lawn Care Program

The lawn is widely considered the most important feature in most any landscape.  As a result, lawns receives a lot of attention through out the year.  The health and vigor of turf grasses relates directly to the methods and equipment used for maintaining it.  This lawn care program is general approach to lawn maintenance and the information shown comes from years of experience, industry standards and customer feedback.  Many lawns require different needs and this program can be adjusted to meet the needs of the lawn and the customer.

Lawn Applications

Chemicals in the landscape is a very hot topic and is a common topic of discussion when maintaining your lawn .  The reality is, that chemicals, used properly, at the correct rates and the correct timing are an efficient and safe way to maintain grass.  Our goal is minimize the use of chemicals by using organic fertilizers, lime, overseeding, aerating, proper mowing and watering. 

Proper soils, watering, mowing, fertilizing, sun, shape, root competition and other factors are all part of an overall plan to keep the lawn healthy.  Simply put, a stressed lawn will require more chemicals, so a big effort should be made to do all the other things right, in turn will limit the use for chemical treatments.

Even in the best scenario, chemicals are essential to control many common problems, and while organic applications have come a long way and are now commonplace in most fertilizing situations,  weeds and insects take on a different element and the use of chemicals is most often the most effective way control them.    

Broadleaf weeds, Crabgrass, and Grubs are three of the most common problems found in lawns. Weeds, insects and diseases can be limited with organic methods of fertilizer, lime, lawn aeration, overseeding, and sound maintenance practices for mowing and watering.  However, that is usually not enough and chemicals are typically needed to help control additional problems.   Are most common treatments and when are listed in the Lawn Care Program Schedule.

Timing of the applications is an important part of the program.  Our Total Care Package ensures the right timing of the applications which limit the use of chemicals because problems are taken care at the right time and able to prevent problem weed, insect and disease before they start.   This package can be adjusted to fit your properties exact needs.