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Lawn Care Program

The lawn is widely considered the most important feature in most any landscape.  As a result, lawns receives a lot of attention through out the year.  The health and vigor of turf grasses relates directly to the methods and equipment used for maintaining it.  This lawn care program is general approach to lawn maintenance and the information shown comes from years of experience, industry standards and customer feedback.  Many lawns require different needs and this program can be adjusted to meet the needs of the lawn and the customer.

Landscape Maintenance

A properly installed landscape can significantly increase your property value.  After the installation is complete, maintenance becomes the key to protecting  and growing that investment .   The most successful landscapes are those that have good maintenance practices.  LDI can provide you with the experience, equipment and manpower to grow your landscape and your investment for years to come. 

Our Total Care Package includes:
Lawn Mowing, Lawn Applications, Aerate / Overseed, Spring Clean up, Fall Clean Up, and Tree and Shrub Care.