LDI Lawn and Tree

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Lawn Care Program

The lawn is widely considered the most important feature in most any landscape.  As a result, lawns receives a lot of attention through out the year.  The health and vigor of turf grasses relates directly to the methods and equipment used for maintaining it.  This lawn care program is general approach to lawn maintenance and the information shown comes from years of experience, industry standards and customer feedback.  Many lawns require different needs and this program can be adjusted to meet the needs of the lawn and the customer.

Tree and Shrub Care

Included in the Total Care Package is caring for Trees and Shrubs.  Below is a list of services that are offered as part of the general maintenance package:

Ornamental Pruning
Foundation Shrub Pruning
Espalier, Pollard, Topiary
Insect and Disease diagnosis and controls
Tree and Shrub fertilizing

Other Tree and Shrub services available include
Tree Cabling
Wood Chipping
Stump Removal
Woods & Lot Clearing
Brush Burning
Large Tree Removals
24 hour Emergency Storm Services