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Lawn Care Program

The lawn is widely considered the most important feature in most any landscape.  As a result, lawns receives a lot of attention through out the year.  The health and vigor of turf grasses relates directly to the methods and equipment used for maintaining it.  This lawn care program is general approach to lawn maintenance and the information shown comes from years of experience, industry standards and customer feedback.  Many lawns require different needs and this program can be adjusted to meet the needs of the lawn and the customer.

Spring Clean Up

Spring clean up typical is done either March-June.   Generally Spring Clean up consists of:

-Leaf Removal
-Down Branches clean up
-tree and shrub prune and fertilize
-deer damage repair
-Edge and clean beds
-Clean lawn

Mulching –  enriches and protects soil, helping provide a better growing environment. Mulching is one of the most beneficial and easiest to implement practices you can use in your landscape.  Mulch is simply a protective layer of a material that is spread on top of the soil.  We typically use three types of Bark Mulch,  Brown, Dark and Red Hemlock.   However, a mulch could also be considered as leaves, stone, and even grass clippings, and LDI can install any much that is readily available.  

• Protects the soil from erosion
• Reduces compaction from the impact of heavy rains
• Conserves moisture, reducing the need for frequent watering's
• Maintains a more even soil temperature
• Prevents weed growth
• Keeps fruits and vegetables clean
• Keeps feet clean, allowing access to garden even when damp
• Provides a “finished” look to the garden

The cost of spring clean up can very depending on work to be done.   Spring clean up can be one of the more costly maintenance expenses.  Because of this we do offer our Total Care Package which makes it much more affordable.